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hi beautiful, I'm Clarice

Like you, I made the decision to plan my own wedding. I valued the opinions of my friends and family ,okay lets be honest, I wanted to plan my wedding my way!! I kept it simple. No bridal party. My adult daughter was deemed as maid of honor. Both the wedding and reception were held in the same place. I enlisted the expertise of a friend, who's also a Seasoned planner, to help turn my vision into a reality. The day of the wedding it was raining, which they say is good luck, but when your ceremony is scheduled to take place outdoors and there is not an ounce of sun in the forecast, it just doesn't feel that way.

As I'm making my final run to the grocery store, power walking to the door, I slip and  fall on the wet pavement while crossing the cross walk. No blood was drawn, yet my knee, and my ego, were sore. I'm overwhelmed, I'm emotional, I'm on bended knee crying in the street and not one person stops to ask if I am okay. I take a moment to collect myself and press on. I finally make it to the venue to put "plan B" into action. More tents! Not exactly the look I was going for, but what needed to be done.

My daughter and I are hauling tables and chairs, draping linens, breaking a sweat when finally someone says to me "what are you doing here?" Reluctantly we left, as we were scheduled to take our "first look" pictures in an hour and I hadn't attached the first lash. I left trusting that my  planner would adhere to every detail as discussed. Thankfully when I arrived back at the scene to say "I do" , she had done just that. Everything turned out just beautifully! The rain stopped and the sun was shining so bright! 

It was after the ceremony that I realized that I was left to run the show.  When does my father make the toast? When is our first dance? When do we cut the cake? In the end it all worked out fine, I Took charge of course and kept things moving. After such an exhausting day, I really just wanted to take a breather and enjoy my first few hours as a Mrs.

Having experienced the chaos first hand,  drove the decision to pursue wedding planning , to relieve an already stressed bride from having to take on that responsibility.

Though you are fully capable, it is my goal is release future brides from the tasks of executing the details, vendors and timeline on what will be one of the most important days of your life.

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